how to be wild

how to be proud

do we owe it to each other

to be the fullest self

to search and dig

through the grit and rock

till fingernails break

and palms are blistered

but what we uncover on the way

we keep

we store within our soul

in layers shallow and deep

and don’t we owe it to each other

to fight to discover ourselves

for if we fail to do that

what would we ever learn?




there was a moment

when i decided to save myself.


when i thought: enough.

enough pity

enough fear

enough excuses


when i realized that being kind to myself

did not mean

following impulses

basing decisions off convenience


and there is no love without challenge

no reward without bravery


and as i suddenly decided to attack everything that scared me


my terror evaporated and melted into the dewy sponge of my past


and my phantom fear was just a stain in my memories


and I’m soaring.